Vandals do $1 million in damage to Richmond school

Posted by Kitara Julian On 12:35 AM
Vandals ruined a new auditorium at a Richmond elementary school Sunday, causing close to $1 million in damage, police said.

The perpetrators broke into the new Nystrom Elementary School building in the afternoon, said Richmond police Lt. Bisa French. They flooded the auditorium floor, splattered paint over almost every surface and broke all the windows.

"Usually when there's vandalism at a school, we think it's kids," she said. "But this is a lot of malicious damage - a lot of the damage that occurred isn't typical of kids."

Some of the suspicious damage includes breaking the exact nozzle on the water heater that would flood the rooms and adjusting wires in the alarm system to shut it off, French said. French said police are looking at disgruntled employees as possible suspects, as well as those with knowledge of the alarm and heating systems. Read More

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