Cracks in Kim Jong Eun System

Posted by Kitara Julian On 1:50 AM
The Kim Jong Eun regime was launched in a flurry of activity following the sudden death of Kim Jong Il. It is led by a collective, not by Kim Jong Eun. This is the opinion of many. The problem is the character and strength of this collective leadership system.

This author would call the collective leadership system ‘guardianship rule’. Kim Jong Eun is surrounded by influential protectors; from his family there is Jang Sung Taek and Kim Kyung Hui, from the People’s Army there is a three-man ‘new military group’; Chief of Staff Lee Young Ho, Director of the General Political Department Kim Jeong Gak and Kim Young Cheol of the General Bureau of Reconnaissance. And for the public security side there is National Security Agency First Vice-director Woo Dong Cheuk.

At first glance we think we can tell how this is turning out. However, if we look more closely, we can see that the alliances in the guardianship rule system are very complicated, and that there are big disadvantages on show in terms of durability and strength.

Guardianship rule came into being in January, 2009; in other words, when Kim Jong Eun was nominated successor. However, within two years serious cracks had started to appear. The first signs were detected in February, 2011, while Kim Jong Il was still alive. According to highly accurate inside information which this author obtained, an influential person from the new military group called a close person to Jang Sung Taek and put pressure on him with the following warning;

“If anyone were to stand in the way of Kim Jong Eun, they would never be forgiven no matter who they were.” Read More

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