The French president has caused an outcry after dozens of infant school children were forced to chant 'Long Live Sarkozy!' when he visited their school.

Parents complained about the youngsters being used as 'propaganda tools' after they were made to treat Nicolas Sarkozy as a hero, waving Tricolour flags and constantly shouting his name.

Some were even kissed by Mr Sarkozy, who is hugely unpopular and widely expected to lose the presidential election being held in France in the Spring.

'Our children were given little red, white and blue flags and told to shout out "Long Live Sarkozy!"' said Cyril Atlan, whose son attended Mr Sarkozy's visit to Lavaur, near Toulouse, in south west France, on February 7.

Some 140 children from a local school were forced to line the steps of the town hall, said Mr Atlan, who said parents were given no say in the matter. Read More

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