Bird Flu Symptoms In Indonesia Have Changed

Posted by Kitara Julian On 5:55 AM
JAKARTA, Feb 14 (Bernama) -- The unusual features found on some poultry that died of bird flu in Indonesia has prompted the health authorities in some provinces in the republic to believe that the symptoms of the disease have changed.

Head of Animal Husbandry and Health Department in Central Java, Whitono, said some of the birds that died of bird flu did not have the black or bluish spots on the body parts which were not covered with feathers.

The department's head of animal health, Eko Sutarti, said although it could not be ascertained if there was a new bird flu virus, the characteristics of birds which died of the disease had changed, the Kompas daily reported Tuesday.

He said it was found that birds which died suddenly, but did not have the black or bluish spots on their bodies, were also positive with bird flu.

Authorities and those involved in the bid flu research in Indonesia fear that the virus is more dangerous, but further research is needed to confirm it, said the report. Source

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