2 Columbine H.S. students wounded in hammer attack

Posted by Kitara Julian On 1:16 AM
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Two Columbine High School students were wounded when a hammer-wielding classmate attacked them outside a school restroom Monday.

According to Aaron Flowers, one of the injured students, a 14-year-old female freshman verbally threatened his 15-year-old friend shortly before the attack.

“She came up to my friend Jacqueline before the incident...talking about 'I’m going to get a bat and beat you with it,” Flowers told FOX31’s Mark Meredith.

Not believing she could get a bat on campus, Flowers and his friend walked away.

“We’re going to the bathrooms and the next thing you know she pulls a hammer out of her backpack,” he says.

Flowers says the 14-year-old began swinging the hammer at his friend’s head, at which point he intervened and sustained injuries to his right hand.

“It could have been a life or death thing with a hammer. Swinging at (my friend's) face...and she didn’t have anything to defend herself.” Read More

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